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Touring Donations 

Let me breakdown my higher touring donations for you so it’s transparent and to set your mind at ease.
My Victoria (home-base) hourly rate is usually $400 but I am offering a 1-hour special for gentlemen in Victoria of $300 plus a gift-card.
I own my condo here in Victoria so there is minimal overheard and I don’t need to travel here in town to meet clients and/or pay to rent an In-call space or Airbnb.

When I travel/tour anywhere I have accommodation, travel fees, meal fees and additional touring fees, not to mention non-paid time off of my nursing job and the money I spend for someone to come and look after my farm and 2 dogs while I am out of town. When I tour, my high-end accommodations run an average of $500/night since I prefer to stay in comfortable surroundings while I am away from the comforts of my home.

Add in the fact I am an extremely low-volume provider (I only host twice a day when I tour) and voila…
The higher touring rates reflect the costs associated with my coming to your location, if you aren't happy with my donations I welcome you to take the time to come to me.
Thank you for understanding and appreciating my time and energy I put into touring and coming to your locations.

Lowered Rates Special + Gift Card (Victoria Only)


In light of the severe economic downturn here in Canada that has already started to take place in 2023, I have made the sound decision to keep my reduced rates until I take my extended leave later on this year.

When I introduced my holiday special, I was overwhelmed with the huge influx in requests of bookings and most new clients made the mention that they had always wanted to see but couldn’t afford me so it just makes sense to keep my rates lower to accommodate all walks of life that want a rendezvous with me.
My apologies to all gentlemen who wanted to see me but were unable to pay my higher donations, I never realized this and now that it has come to light I feel this is the least I can do until I go traveling.

My 1-hour will be offered @$300 (usually $400) for Victoria Incall rendezvous only, but there is a mandatory catch…

I am fundraising for my favourite animal rescues/shelters and I’m asking all bookings donate a minimum of $25 towards this cause.                                          (I won’t release the organization names for the simple fact my personal details are attached to 2 of these and I want to keep my anonymity and private life hidden)

When arriving at my location you must present a Gift Card with a valid till receipt or an email with the attached $25 gift card/vouchers and receipts. (This special + gift card is for every hour we spend together, I reduced all of my rates to reflect this)! 

Amazon, Costco or pre-paid Visa/MasterCards are the choices for all 3 organizations to access and use so a Gift Card for any of these business will be gladly accepted.

I hope I have the chance to connect with new and past lovers.

For reference, any additional hours after our 1-hour booking are still only $300/hr + $25 Gift Card

Sending everyone love and warm fuzzy embraces,


My Experience....

I get asked all the time about my services and what I offer and I will never post or discuss this with anyone. I am a sensual lover in every aspect of the word, not at all pse or risqué provider. So if you are wanting to experience sensuality with a touch of spicy mixed in, I'm your lady...❤️

Late Night Booking Requests

Lovers, my posted work hours are 8am-8pm and I prefer to stay within these working hours due to my private life obligations and keeping my mental and physical health in peek form. Due to the increase in late night appointment requests, I will happily accommodate bookings after 8pm but with a "late night fee" of an additional $200, which is becoming a standard practice in the industry.

Pegging/Strap-on Requests

Unfortunately, I am no longer offer pegging and/or strap on services to gentlemen, the utter lack of hygiene on gentlemen has completely ruined this escapade for me…and no, I won’t be changing my mind.

My Rates

When you book my time you are booking a lady that truly prides herself in exclusivity and low-volume, and this rate reflects this. 

Do you have a list of the services you provide?

At this time I do not. I have found that each experience varies and the laws of attraction can always factor in how our tryst will go. And because I take the time to ensure that we are a good fit via my screening process I can guarantee you will have a smile on your face and a spring in your step the moment I leave your presence.

Rest assured, I am your ultimate sensual experience in all aspects and my reviews reflect this immensely.

What is required for screening in order to see you?

I have different ways you can see me if you are unable to provide a reference from a reputable and independent service provider so not to fret, we will find a way for the 2 of us to interlude together! Screening Choices

For all new clientele my screening process is mandatory, there are no exceptions.

Pre-Booking is key

Because I keep a very low volume of business, I am almost never available for same day/last minute booking requests. Planning ahead is key and I can always work around your requested time-frame, the more you discuss with me prior to our time together, the better I can make sure we are a great fit for one another!

Respect and Manners go a long way

When contacting me for an appointment, I would much rather hear about the type of experience/package you are seeking and a bit about yourself instead of sending me explicit texts and naked photos! If you send degrading and harassing text(s), you will be blocked immediately and reported.


Showers are must when you come and spend some time with myself. I supply every luxurious amenity you will desire to freshen up…. from deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash and even shaving supplies if needed!
Even if you showered that morning/afternoon, I still like my men squeaky clean (just like you expect me to be), your hygiene will depict what we do.  

My donation

Please do not try to barter with me about my donations or services, my prices reflect the services and time we will spend together, there are no hidden up-charge fees!

Cancellation policy

If you do need to cancel, or are going to be late please provide as much notice as possible. Because I do maintain a low-volume and ask that you respect my time as I respect yours. Please make sure to check your schedule before confirming an appointment with me. If you do need to cancel, please provide as much notice as possible. No shows and last-minute cancellations will not be re-booked

How can I ensure that you won’t pass along any of my personal details?

Because I take pride and cherish my privacy immensely you can rest assured knowing that any and all of the information you send me will be seen with my eyes only and all my forms of communication are fully encrypted. While some providers have assistants that help with the screening/booking process please know that is something I will never do, as well I never store names, numbers or emails anywhere, everything is deleted the moment you leave my presence.

If you are unsure on anything or have any questions/inquiries please do not hesitate to reach out, I would rather answer any and all of your questions instead of your nerves getting in the way of booking some time with me.

I have a fabulous disposition and a passion for life that is hard to beat, so please reach out with any and all inquiries and I will eagerly reply!