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Covid - 2nd Phase


I am asking all clients to be open and honest with me when reaching out for a booking.

While I have always believed in the saying "variety is the spice of life" when it comes to sexual explorations things have changed drastically and with the 2nd wave of Covid here I am taking very limited bookings with extensive screening procedures. If you are wanting to see multiple ladies frequently that is your choice but please let me know PRIOR to booking as I will decline your invitation to meet.

I recently had a repeat client come to see me and when I asked about his adventures lately he informed me he has seen 7 ladies the past month and numerous the month prior to our last meeting...this was shocking since nothing was informed to me prior to his arrival and if it was I would not have booked any of my time with him again, unfortunately he was asked to leave without a session.

My health cannot be compromised in anyway and I would hope you felt the same way about yours and your loved ones.

Thank you for understanding