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  • Pre-Booking is key

Because I like to keep a very low volume of business (I only host twice a day, 2-3 days a week), I am almost never available for same day/last minute booking requests. Planning ahead is key and I can always work around your requested timeframe, the more you discuss with me prior to our time together, the better I can make sure we are a great fit for one another!

  • Respect and Manners go a long way

When contacting me for an appointment, I would much rather hear about the type of experience/package you are seeking and a bit about yourself instead of sending me explicit texts and naked photos! If you send degrading and harrassing text(s), you will be blocked immediatly and reported.

  • Cleanliness

Showers are mandatory when you come and spend some time with myself.
Even if you showered that morning/afternoon, I still like my men squeaky clean (just like you expect me to be), your hygiene will depict what we do.  

  • My donation

Please do not try to barter with me about my donations or services, if you cannot afford my donation, there are a variety of providers out there that offer a different selction of donations!

  • Cancellation policy

If you do need to cancel, or are going to be late please provide as much notice as possible, no shows and last-minute cancellations will not be re-booked, I do maintain a low-volume and ask that you respect my time as I respect yours. Please make sure to check your schedule before confirming an appointment with me. If you do need to cancel please provide as much notice as possible. No shows and last minute cancellations will not be rebooked


*******I have a zero drug policy********
if you show up impaired, I will ask you to leave immediately, and/
or if you are looking for a lady to partake in drugs with you, I am NOT this lady.

I live a very healthy lifestyle and like to entertain gentlemen with the same outlook on life.