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Hello Gentlemen,

You are indulging in exclusivity and my donations reflect this.

I pride myself in keeping an extremely low volume of gentleman callers so please keep this in mind when reviewing my packages.
 I am all about creating memorable experiences tailored to your services requested rather than seeing multiple people weekly.

My preference is for gentlemen to try to pre-book me as far in advance as possible to avoid any disappointment as my schedule can fluctuate but I try to make arrangements for last minute requests.

My rates are exclusive for one-on-one time and at this time I do not cater to couples or offer duos, I am more than enough to handle for one!

~~For all new clients my screening procedures are non-negotiable.

Effective 2023 a $50 deposit is mandatory via E-transfer or PayPal ($100 deposit anywhere outside of Victoria) to accompany your booking request along with a 2nd screening/reference option that I it like on my booking form.
 {I have 3 to choose from that fit best for your lifestyle} ~~

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and send me a message, I try to respond within a few hours of receiving your request.

Also, if you are paying in US currency, I do not do exchange rates, my Canadian donation is the same in US currency - thank you.


Lexie Marie




Rate Length Service Details
~~~Victoria Rates Only~~~
$250 CAD Texting Package - MAXIMUM 250 Texts over 30 Days (NO Sexting/FaceTIme) This is just to chat!
$300** CAD 1hr Incalls *There is a catch to this special, please read my Blog before booking.
$550 CAD 90min Incalls A meeting of the minds (and then some)
$600 CAD 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls The un-rushed way to a perfect interlude.
$900 CAD 3hrs Incalls/Outcalls A little extended fun together...
$1200 CAD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls Dinner and Dessert; a perfect way to indulge in one another.
$2000 CAD 8hrs Incalls/Outcalls Let the pampering (and fun) begin!
$Inquire CAD 12hrs Incalls/Outcalls Breakfast in bed together is a perfect way to wake up.
$Inquire CAD 24hrs Incalls/Outcalls You get me for 24 hours, I am up for anything!!
$Inquire CAD Incalls/Outcalls 3 days, 2 nights of you, me and a weekend of unfiltered decadence...
$125 CAD 1hr Incalls Social Rate (Drinks, parties or perhaps dinner after our rendezvous, etc)
$600 CAD 3hrs Incalls I'm a trained chef, allow my to tempt your tastebuds before dessert! 2 hours social, 1 hour dessert
~~~Touring Rates in Canada~~~
$900 CAD 90min Incalls Touring Rates within Canada
$1000 CAD 2hrs Incalls Touring Rates within Canada
$1500 CAD 3hrs Incalls Touring Rates within Canada
$2000 CAD 4hrs Incalls Touring Rates within Canada
$3500 CAD 8hrs Incalls/Outcalls Touring Rates within Canada
$4000 CAD 12hrs Incalls/Outcalls Who says we can't have fun together in the morning as well...!
$6000 CAD 24hrs Incalls/Outcalls Lets see what kind of trouble we can get into...
Touring rates in USA and outside North America~~~
$1250 USD 2hrs Incalls Touring Rate outside of N. American
$2000 USD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls Touring Rate outside of N. America
$3500 USD 8hrs Incalls/Outcalls Touring Rate outside of N. America