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Mar 09, 2020
Lexie Marie Had an Awesome time with Lexie few days ago at her nice, clean, modern in-call place downtown.She got nice big Tits, beautiful smile, firm slim body, amazing warm energy and love her enthusiasm. She really knows how to please and provide an amazing experience .She’s the real deal.Also she really looks younger than her age posted on her ads which rare thing in this hobby as some providers lie big time about their age. Definitely a repeat for me and can’t wait to see her again.
Jan 29, 2020
I have to agree with all of the above, Lexie is a stunner with the long lean body type that puts me over the top. I've been wanting to pay her a return visit for some time now, but, I've been playing mostly in Vancouver. My only visit with her left me weak in the knees. Be nice!
Jan 29, 2020
Cumalittlecloser is offline Registered User Join Date Oct 2012 Posts 139 Yep, I've seen her as well and can't get enough. She's intelligent and has a great sense of humour on top of being smoking hot. Pretty much all a guy could ask for.
Lexie Marie
Jan 28, 2020
Lexie Marie It has been some time since I have posted a review and I have to post one about this gem. I arrived just on time but had difficulty finding a parking spot.There was major construction on the street so I finally found a place a block over. She buzzed me in and I took the elivator. The door was slightly open I proceeded without knocking. WOW very sexy looking lady in a red dress seated on the couch. Her incall is the second best I have seen yet. Lots of glass overlooking the city. Pristine clean. We chatted for a very shot while,and she sends me to the shower. I do a uick rince and join her in the bedroom. I we dispense with the details but I must say her CBJs are excellent... 8.5 on the rickter scale. We finished up well within the time and she says...there ya go ... 2 for you 1 for me. Another few minuets of chat, and I was on my way with a big smile on my face, repeat... hell yes.
Aug 08, 2019
Astonishing. Anything but mundane, superbly elegant, warm, bright as day, Lexie-Marie, has the kind of heart to make a man feel loved and cared for without playing tricks or being coy. Lexie-Marie is truly caring in her behavior, in every way. I left feeling as though I had been given a rare gift in the quality of her time and company. It is my habit to tip at the start, can’t hurt anything right? To leave something extra, maybe even a couple of things... but after our date, I couldn’t help thinking about all the time, energy and care that she had put into every little detail, and especially her desire to please me. It felt more reciprocal than some relationships I’ve been in. Lexie-Marie would seem as at home at the Opera, a society event or on a horse farm. Tall, very shapely, radiating good health and energy, she is a rarity. If you want to get on her good side, try a little massage, as for the rest, I will leave it to your imagination, look at the photo’s... all that said, it is very much worth seeing her in person. Mike from Van Island
Have to agree with LL. She is a gem. After a morning with her I wobbled at the knees!
Jul 26, 2019
Have to agree with LL. She is a gem. After a morning with her I wobbled at the knees!
Lexie Marie!
Jul 01, 2019
I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lexie Marie last week. When I opened the hotel room door, she was wearing a short dress with the yellow high heels that are in the current photos on Leolist (OMG!). This is the second time that I have seen her (the first time is when she previously visited BOA in Nanaimo) and both visits were spectacular. She is tall and beautiful. She wears her glasses when you first come in which gives her that seductive office secretary look. Her feet are exquisitely small and her toes are perfect for sucking when her ankles are up by your ears. I am an older gent and she made me feel like the only man on earth. Both times were truly great experiences. Part of me just wants to keep her for myself. The other part of me is logical and realizes that if she wouldn't stay in the business if she doesn't get the clientele. Hopefully Lexie Marie will be around for a long, long time.
Lexie Marie
Apr 29, 2019
I noticed this beauty was gracing Nanaimo soon and I figured it would be wise to keep her a secret. Unfortunately for me I will be out of town during her stay. Here goes. Lexi Marie. ME-mother fucking-ow! I met Lexie before she went Indy. I am greeted by a tall slender bomb shell, immaculately presented every time. No false advertising here. Her GFE has yet to be matched by any other sp I’ve had the pleasure of. She wrapped me in an embrace of a lost lover. Lexie is skilled, articulate, immaculate and sexy. I’d say venture forth and see for yourself when she arrives soon. You won’t be disappointed. For a mature woman she has a beautiful body! She was clean, fresh and obviously prides herself on hygiene.
Comox Valley-Lexie Marie
Apr 12, 2019
I was passing through the Comox Valley earlier in the week and had noticed Lexie advertising availability in the Valley so I contacted her and arranged a 90 minute outcall. I had a delightful time with her, she looked fantastic in one of the outfits she has on her website. She is funny, enthusiastic and accommodated my requests with class and consideration. We relaxed towards the end of the session with some white wine and enjoyable conservation. If sexy, smart, engaging and skilled (really skilled!) Interests you, you can book her directly through her website. Highly recommended and I will repeat.
Thumbs up Lexi-Marie @ BOA
Jan 26, 2019
Hey y'all, looking to contribute again after a long absence. First off, I completely forgot to ask Lexi if she would appreciate a review so I'm going to keep the details light out of respect. I was back in the south recently and had the opportunity to sneak away to BOA's Victoria location. It's my first time there since before Rikki acquired and renovated the location and it's fun to see how she's changed it. Lexi-Marie is charming, articulate and lovely to behold. She is incredibly fit. She was a great sport coming to see me despite a scheduling mix-up. It turns out we have a lot of shared history about 1 degree separated; it was an instant connection and made the experience much sweeter. She was attentive and wanted to ensure I was getting maximum enjoyment from my time. I will admit that I was looking to sample a younger lady (sometime you have an itch to scratch) however I am not disappointed in the slightest that ours we're the only schedules to connect. I would love to see her again, and if I need to add some young blood perhaps I just need to invite an extra to my next visit with Lexi. Rikki as always was very patient and helpful in trying to accommodate my last minute scheduling and requests. Stay Frosty, -YG
Best Mature Providers in Victoria
Dec 28, 2018
~ Highly recommended Amazing attitude just like everyone at BOA, very kind and authentic and... just go look at her photos sopaidfw user says..... ~ My experience with her was amazing. Definitely can't go wrong, she might actually be a succubus in disguise as i was exhausted after my session with her. Sweetheart with the sex-drive of a teen. Definitely checks all the boxes you could ever imagine. SharbyWolf99 user..... I second that , she’s smart sweet & gorgeous Fiona User.....
Saw Lexi this evening - definitely a ‘Wow’ eveningnto remember! Very highly recommended!
Nov 21, 2018
Saw Lexi this evening - definitely a ‘Wow’ eveningnto remember! Very highly recommended! As the above says, she has an incredible body and also a gorgeous face! Very outgoing personality too and had a great way of making me feel relaxed and “studly” at the same time, lol! In other words, lots of compliments from her :-). I take them all with a grain of salt but it’s still a pleasure to hear and adds to the whole sensation. I’d would have guessed her age as even younger and photos are 100% accurate; again, her body is one that any one would be envious of! Conversations throughout flowed easily and were very enjoyable. Since we’re both in our 40’s, there were many things we could relate to. Hard-working and intelligent, it was a real pleasure to get to know her a little bit and I quickly wished I had reserved a longer time for everything: chatting, laughing, massaging, and action of course (which felt fantastic all around). BOA was all around a pleasure to work with, location was convenient, room and shower was well appointed and in good shape (theres some repair work in-progress but it didn’t affect the hot, spacious shower), and Lexi was an absolute dream to spend a too-fast hour with. Haven’t seen a whole lot of people in Vic but I’d definitely put her top 3 (Blake and Siren are the other two, all for unique reasons).